Mini Golf Online!

Mini Golf Online!

Challenge your golf talent with Mini Golf Online! - where you can challenge other players in an extremely exciting online golf game. Get your golf ball into the hole before your opponent does! Each match consists of three holes. To set the precision direction, use the mouse to select the correct direction to put the golf ball in the hole. Once you have selected the direction, release the mouse to hit the ball powerfully and accurately. You can challenge other players by pressing "challenge." Prove your golf talent and win! Are you ready to experience fun and challenges?

Mini Golf Online! offers a simple yet fun and competitive golf experience. You can challenge your friends or other online players to see who is the best on this mini-golf course. What will you do in this golf confrontation? Set direction, hit the ball, and win to become the Mini Golf Online! champion!

How To Play

  • Click and drag the mouse to set the direction, and release the mouse to hit the ball.
  • Click "challenge" to challenge another player.

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