Taco Burp

Taco Burp

Welcome to the fun world of Taco Burp, a cloud-based multiplayer game created by famous game developer griffpatch, a significant contributor to the Scratch platform. In this wacky adventure, players take on the role of Scratch the cat, who, after feasting on countless tacos, finds himself in a hilarious predicament-burping up a bunch of tacos! The game takes place in a limited space, providing a dynamic and humorous experience for up to eight players. Your mission is to navigate Scratch, the taco-burping cat, and unleash taco fury on your enemies to win.

With griffpatch's creative touch, Taco Burp promises not only a quirky visual experience but also a fun and engaging gaming concept. Are you ready to join Scratch on this taco-fueled adventure, finding your way to victory? Aim, fly, and shoot tacos to dominate the cloud multiplayer arena!

How To Play

  • Controls are designed for intuitive play, ensuring accessibility for players of all levels. 
  • Use your mouse to target enemies, instructing Scratch to burp accurately. 
  • To move quickly in confined spaces, use the WASD keys. 
  • When it's time to unleash taco-burping mayhem, use the Space key or mouse button to shoot tacos and destroy your enemies.

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